MFT Supervision Services

Interns & Associates

How exciting to be on your journey to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist!  It is a long, yet rewarding process, and I would love to support you through it.

I started my journey as a helper in 6th grade when I volunteered in the school counseling office.  I knew this was my calling so I focused all of my education and work experience on becoming some type of counselor.

I have been in the helping field for nearly 20 years now, primarily in non-profit settings.  I have been a supervisor in some fashion or another for approximately ten years.  I love to help develop those who are passionate about working with people.  I love to learn from other helpers as we

Meet & Greet

Choosing a supervisor is a parallel process to choosing a therapist:  You want to learn a little bit about them to ensure it is a “good fit.”  I request we have a “meet and greet” session to do just that.  It will provide an opportunity to determine if I will meet your needs in regards to your skill development goals.

Meet & Greet Cost:  $85

Supervision Schedule

At this time, I only offer weekly individual supervision (50 minutes per meeting).  I hope to start group supervision in the next few months.

Let’s set up a meet and greet appointment now so that we can get to know one another! Contact me at 512-962-1572 or go to my contact page.